Originated in India in 2020

Our search began after we realized how cruel the chemical-based products are for our skin and how expensive and rare the organic products have become lately.

About Us

PAVANA: was launched with a range of 5 organic products which developed in partnership with a manufacturing unit in Canada.

Thus, we started to explore natural elements from the home grown herbs and the natural lands across Canada, Ghana, Morocco, India etc. Our quest resulted in some of the best and 100% pure skin-care products that contains No Chemical.

3 things that makes us unique


Waterless formulas are making beauty products more potent and sustainable. Without water, beauty products are less likely to run into bacterial growth issues, meaning they're longer-lasting.


Organic skin care products are free from the inclusion of chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides or bio-engineered genes that could be toxic for the skin. The farming methods for organic products promote biodiversity and allow the recycling of resources.


If a product has water in it, it needs a preservative. Preservatives like Parabens can become sensitized to products containing parabens, which results in irritation in the skin. It may also bio-accumulate in the body over time in fat tissue, as metabolites of parabens measured in fat were correlated with age.


Why Choose Organic?

Organic Products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. This is a method of farming that works at grass root level preserving the reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil, good plant nutrition, and sound soil management, produces nutritious food rich in vitality which has resistance to diseases.

No Harsh Chemicals

Organic Skin Care is made with ingredients that meet the same standards as organic food using sustainable practices. This means no harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers and thus there is significantly less waste and toxins going down the drain and back into the earth.

Nutritional Benefits

Using Natural, Organic skincare products, though, ensure that you get the real nutritional benefits from its ingredients. Natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, aloe-vera, and shea butter, for example, are known to soothe, nourish, moisturize and promote smooth skin.

Environment Friendly

Even though the results may be slower, organic skincare products are gentle on your skin and won’t harm you in the long run. When you choose organic beauty products you are not only doing wonders for your skin and internal health, but also making a positive impact on our Environment.


Our purpose is to add the purity of Mother Nature in your skincare routine.

To accomplish this purpose, We have been working towards collecting the best natural ingredients across the globe to make the purest skincare products you can use without worrying.
All our products are transparently sourced, we understand that consumers today seek out more information about what they are buying. This applies to the ingredients, sourcing and testing of their products which they want to be ethical and non-toxic. As always people want to look and feel beautiful but not at the expense of their own health or that of the planet.